Honorary Co-Chairperson

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Gary Bolenbaugh's Story

My name is Gary Bolenbaugh and my family has ALS. Our known family history of ALS goes back to my grandmother who died of ALS when she was 28. My father was 6 and his sister 4. Grandfather struggled with what was happening and his children went to live with aunts & uncles or grandparents over the years they grew up. My father’s sister died of ALS when she was about 28 and my father died of ALS when he was 44. The impact on both families continues to be very detrimental. My oldest cousin died of ALS at 59. Her brother died of skin cancer so whether he had ALS is not known. This last fall my sister was diagnosed at 63 with Bulbar ALS and has lost her ability to speak, swallow (eat) and struggles with breathing. Both of my cousins and I had children; only my sister did not, she and her husband adopted a baby girl. Our family looks to the day when a cure for ALS will be found.

When I first heard of ALS Bike Trek MN, by talking to Justin Rumley at another bike event, I immediately jumped on board helping in any way possible. Research into ways to abate the advancement of ALS and to one day find a cure is just so necessary for many, many families. I am so grateful to every Sponsor that makes this event possible. I am thrilled to see the love and support of so many teams and individual riders that make this event a priority each year. Together we can raise the funds for research to stop this devastating disease!!

Please join me again in 2017 on Saturday May 20th to ride for a cure of ALS. Thank you!

Gary B