The ALS Bike Trek MN is a charity bike ride created by ALS TDI to raise awareness of ALS and funding toward an effective treatment. The event is held annually and has historically supported both the work of ALS TDI as well as MDA. The event has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. ALS TDI is grateful for all the support it received over the years from this fundraiser and all of the families and donors that have been involved in it. However, starting in 2018, the event was transferred to the MDA. Going forward, MDA is solely responsible for all of the event's operations and is the sole beneficiary of all event proceeds.

Anyone interested in riding in or donating to the MN Bike Trek ought to click here. PLEASE NOTE: You will be redirected away from ALS TDI when you click that link.

ALS TDI continues in its mission: end ALS. There are hundreds of opportunities to get involved in fundraising research at ALS TDI, and we welcome any and all to join us in our mission. If you have a fundraising idea or want to get involved, email us at or click here to find a fundraising event that support ALS TDI near you or start your own fundraising event in support of ALS TDI.