ALS Support

Nearly 450,000 people are living with ALS today throughout the world. There are no effective treatments, no cure. But there is HOPE.

Lou Gehrig

Local MN ALS resources for clinic and support services:

Since its inception, MDA has dedicated almost $325 million to ALS research, services and education programs. The North Central States office (covering Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and North & South Dakota) offers a variety of clinic and support services for families with ALS. There are currently four ALS-specific clinics found in the Twin Cities, Duluth, Fargo and Sioux Falls.

A variety of ALS Support Groups are offered in the North Central States. This includes groups in Minneapolis, Duluth, Fargo and Bismarck, which all provide support for individuals with ALS as well as their caregivers, family and friends.

For more specific information about the clinic and support groups offered through the local MDA office, please visit our website at or contact our office at (952) 841-0533. For general information about MDA including ALS specific publications, webinars and articles visit

MDA's Muscle Summit - ALS Research Breakout in March, 2013

A group attended the MDA's Muscle Summit - ALS Research Breakout in March, 2013. Free educational events are held throughout the year as another resource for families.

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